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Nautical and Landscape Photography
and so much more



I'm basically a fan of all sports.

I'm a Rhode Island based photographer specializing in nautical and landscape photography.

I've been into photography pretty much all my life and photography has definitely turned into a passion.  This passion doesn't pay my bills though so I have an actual  job to pay the bills.  Since I don't have the pressure of having to "produce", I take every chance I can to experiment. I try to learn something every time I go out to shoot.  Every time I look at a subject to shoot, I try to look for a unique viewpoint.  I want the shot that most people won't get.  I love details too.  Sometimes the smallest details make the greatest impressions.   You may find that most of my pics are outdoors activities related. I love the outdoors.  Other than photography, I'm into camping and hiking and anything on the water especially sailing.  None of the pics I've shared on this web site are of people.  I do take lots of people pics, just ask my kids.  Maybe someday I'll share some of those too, but right now I'm focusing on the natural world and sometimes what man has made.  

All of the images you see here can be purchased. I work with some very good framers and printers, so can give you anything from mini prints all the way up to 40" x 60" stretched canvas.  

Cheers John


Lincoln RI United States

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